We are a small yet dedicated team of highly qualified linguists, including translators, proof-readers, interpreters and transcribers, who are ready to handle any language-based task with rapid turnaround time. We understand that our clients often urgent responses and that is why we place significant emphasis on delivering our projects on time and often before the specified deadline. We specialise in urgent projects, namely same day and overnight translations. We work in the following languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati and Bohri / Lisanuddawat. 

Unlike some translation companies, we believe in only charging you for the service you receive with no hidden costs, and we provide no-obligation quotes.

Taha Shoeb Translations provides an official, stamped, dated and signed certificate to confirm that a qualified translator has carried out the translation.

We offer high-quality translation services for all kinds of businesses including legal, religious, journalism, financial, education, social services, commercial, medical and IT.

  1. Send us a scan/photo of your document by email/ WhatsApp +91 82388 38735 or upload using our website tool;
  2. You receive a quotation in minutes;
  3. If you are happy with our quotation, we ask you to pay (PayPal / by bank transfer / secure online payment link);
  4. Once your payment is received, your document is immediately reserved for translation;
  5. Your translation and the certificate are stamped, signed and posted/emailed to you.
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