Taha Shoeb Translations offers the following types of official translations:

Certified Translations

There are numerous reasons you may need to have a translation certified. Certified translations are often required for official documents such as:

– Marriage certificates
– Birth certificates
– Deed polls
– Contracts
– Medical documentation
– Academic certificates
– Diplomas
– Documents filed in support of a visa application etc.

How are our translations certified?

Every certified translation issued by Taha Shoeb Translations bears the following:

– A declaration stating that the translation is “a true and accurate translation of the text provided”
– The language combination for the translation

– The company stamp
– The signature of the Founder
– Medical documentation
– The date and the company’s contact details (address, phone numbers, email address)
– A copy of your source document*.

* Did you know that we do not need to see your original document to produce a valid Certified Translation? We always print out a copy of your document and attach it to your translation. Therefore wherever you submit your translation, the printout and the original can easily be compared and accepted.

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